Simple~ Kind To Skin Protecting Moisture Cream


Back in autumn, I found my skin needed some extra care. As a teenager, skin goes through a lot of different stages. I went from one week having perfectly clear skin to only small parts of my face not being covered in spots.
I found that as well as my hormones, my current moisturiser was not helping. I was using another product from Simple called Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I found it was was to oily for me, and just made more spots pop up.
After doing so, I then decided to invest in a new product, Protecting Moisture Cream- also from Simple. It worked so well with my skin, it wasn’t too oily but still left my skin feeling lovely and smooth, and it’s also perfect when on holiday as it has an SPF 30. At the moment in England it doesn’t look as if we will be needing any SPF protection, but it is always good for the future!

Fashionfish17 x


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