Favourite Foundations


I’m very sorry I haven’t updated in a while, the past couple of months were very rushed and I also got hacked, which is why all of my posts were deleted. Anyway, I’m back now and doing a review on my favourite foundations! Hope you like it.

Rimmle London- Lasting Finish

This foundation is really good, also perfect for summertime as it has an SPF of 20 and is very long lasting. It isn’t one of my all time favourites, mainly because it isn’t dewy, but also isn’t quite matte- it’s kind of stuck in the middle and so can sometimes not mix in as well.

Rimmle London- Skin Perfecting Super Makeup BB Cream

I had to buy this foundation after a holiday and my old pale foundations really didn’t go very well! It was perfect for summertime as it had a SPF 25, primes, moisturises, minimises pores and has great coverage.

Rimmle London- Stay Matte

Despite normally only being a fan of dewy foundations, I have fallen in love with this product. It doesn’t have lots of coverage, but can automatically brighten up your skin and have a smooth finish. This is defiantly a brilliant foundation!

Rimmle London- Match Perfection

This is my all time favourite foundation, I think I’ve gone through at least six by now! It’s everything I want; good coverage, dewy, gives skin a glowing look and applies amazingly! I would, and have, recommend this to anyone who likes a dewy foundation!

Hope you enjoyed this review, seemed like it turned out to be a Rimmle London review haha, but in honestly I believe they do the best foundations. Lots of love,
Fashionfish17 x


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